Monday, November 8, 1993

Palestinian-Israeli talks on implementation of 9/13 agreement resume at undisclosed location in Cairo. Talks had been in hiatus since PLO walkout 11/2 over Israeli withdrawal proposals. (NYT 11/9)

Multilateral working group on regional economic cooperation opens 2-day meeting in Copenhagen. Meeting comes up with "Copenhagen Action Plan" for 35 ventures in 10 different economic areas. (MM 11/11)

Israeli settlers in West Bank and Gaza Strip block roads at 49 locations in protest of 11/7 attack on Rabbi Haim Druckman. Palestinian and his son shot and wounded near Tapuah settlement in Nablus area; "Committee for Security on the Roads" claims responsibility. Palestinian leader Faisal Husseini denounces settler violence, demands IDF "take full responsibility for the settlers," international buffer force. Israeli PM Rabin calls on settlers to "stop the avenging rioters and disturbers of the peace, in order to prevent deterioration and disorder that will harm us." (NYT, WT 11/9)

PLO Chmn. Arafat meets EC FMs in Brussels on trip to gain economic support for o.t. Visit coincides with reported resignation of Yusuf Sayegh fr. Palestinian Economic Council for Development and Construction. (MM 11/8)

Spain's King Juan Carlos arrives in Tel Aviv for 1st visit by a Western monarch to Israel. (MM 11/8)