Tuesday, April 19, 1994

Israeli authorities arrest more than 300 Hamas and Islamic Jihad mbrs. in o.t. in crackdown ordered by PM Rabin. Rabin says govt. will fight terrorism "with all the means available to us." (MM 4/19; CSM, NYT, WP, WT 4/20)

6 Fateh mbrs., fugitives fr. Gaza Strip, allowed to return fr. Egypt. Among those returned is "Black Panther" leader Salim Shurafa, 28. PM Rabin pledges to allow return of 20-30,000 Palestinians, mostly relatives of Palestinian police, after agreement with PLO reached. (WP, WT 4/20)

Israeli AG Michael Ben-Yair tells Jerusalem Bar Assoc. that Israeli law does not apply in o.t. "unless the Knesset expressly states this," and that settlers are as subject to military law as Palestinians. Ben-Yair says that in criminal cases "parallel" authority applies to settlers, so they are tried by Israeli law in Israeli courts, not military courts. Settlers' council criticizes Ben-Yairemarks, calls for mtg. (MM 4/20)

Hamas Damascus political office head Musa Abu Marzuq, in interview with Jordanian Islamist weekly al-Sabil, says Hamas would make peace with Israel in return for complete Israeli withdrawal fr. o.t., dismantlement of all settlements. Statement expands on hint of compromise in 4/17 statements by Hamas reps. in Jordan. (WT 4/20; CSM 4/21)