Saturday, August 20, 1994

Arafat meets with UAE Pres. Shaykh Zayid bin Sultan al-Nahayan in Geneva to discuss financial hurdles facing self rule. (MM 8/22)

PNA Local Affairs M Sa'eb Erakat presents draft law for Palestinian legislative elections to Arafat, announces PNA has started training 5,000 Palestinians to organize elections, says talks are underway with opposition groups regarding elections. Legislative council would include 100 mbrs. who will simultaneously become PNC reps. Exec. council of 24 mbrs. (12 from legislative council) will then be formed. (MENA 8/19, VOP 8/21 in FBIS 8/22)

Brig. Gen. Muhammad Qudisiyya, cmdr. of the al-Badr Forces of the Palestine Liberation Army (PLA), announces King Hussein will begin supplying, paying salaries of all PLA forces in Jordan. (Jordan Times 8/20, Al-Ra'y 8/21 in FBIS 8/30)

Palestinian police kill 1 Palestinian, wound 1 in Rafah. Palestinian police officials detain 5 officers, promise full investigation. (MM, WP, WSJ 8/22; UNRWA News 8/24)

Israeli undercover unit kills 1 Palestinian, wounds 8 in Ramallah during Mulid al-Nabi celebrations mistaken for demonstration. (WT 8/21; MM 8/22; JP 8/27)

Ghazi Jabali, cmdr. of Palestinian police in Gaza City, says police will not disarm Hamas activists, reaffirms they will confiscate unlicensed weapons after legislation is passed, grace period lapses. (QY 8/10 in FBIS 8/22; JP 8/27) (see 8/16)

IDF shells Arab Salim, southern Lebanon kills 1 Lebanese civilian, wounds another. (MEI 8/26)