Saturday, August 27, 1994

1 killed, 6 injured in shootout btwn. mbrs. of Arafat's Preventative Security Forces (PSF) and his Presidential Guard nr. Tulkarm. (Ma'ariv 9/2 in FBIS 9/7)

Statement released by Hamas's jailed Shaykh Ahmad Yasin welcomes dialogue, cooperation with PNA. (VOP 8/27 in FBIS 8/29)

Hundreds of Jewish residents demonstrate in Ramla, set fires in protest of Hamas killings 8/26. 3 Israelis injured, 20 arrested. (QY 8/28 in FBIS 8/29)

2 Kach mbrs. released after serving 6-mo. administrative detention following Hebron massacre. (JP 9/3) (see 2/27)