Tuesday, December 13, 1994

Joint Jordanian-Israeli comms. on security, borders, territories, environment, crime, drugs hold 1st "preparatory" mtgs. at Dead Sea Hotel to formulate outlines for meeting goals set out in Jordan-Israel treaty. (RJ 12/13 in FBIS 12/14)

7th mtg. of Refugee Working Group opens in Ankara. 250 delegates fr. 40 countries, organizations attend; discuss job creation, family reunification, aid for children, public health, social and economic infrastructure, human resource development. Syria, Lebanon boycott. (AFP 12/14 in FBIS 12/15)

7th mtg. of Middle East Arms Control Group opens in Tunis. Participants (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, PA, U.S., Russia, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia) discuss confidence-building measures; naval issues; creation of regional communication and security centers, demilitarized zones. Deep divisions btwn. Arab states, Israel noted. Syria and Lebanon boycott. (MENA 12/14 in FBIS 12/15; MBC Television 12/14 in FBIS 12/16)

Israeli DMin. says it will allow 200 Gazans who are students at Birzeit University permission to enter West Bank for classes provided PA gives DMin. list of their names for security check, they all pledge to support peace process, renounce terrorism. If 200 behave, remaining 656 would be allowed to enter. (Article 17 12/94)

Jerusalem City Hall officials say plans have been submitted to expropriate, develop 6,000 dunums of Arab land btwn. Jewish neighborhoods of Pizgat Ze'ev, Neve Ya'aqov. (JP 12/13 in FBIS 12/13)

ICO conference opens in Casablanca. Mbrs. draft resolution on Jerusalem that omits praise for Jordan's efforts to preserve city's holy sites, following protests fr. Palestinian delegates. Arafat cancels mtg. with Jordan's King Hussein planned for sidelines of conference. (MM 12/12, 12/14; RA 12/12 in FBIS 12/15; Al-Dustur 12/14 in FBIS 12/14; MM 12/16; Al-Yawm 12/18 in FBIS 12/22)