Tuesday, January 18, 1994

Israel-PLO talks on implementing DoP resume in Taba, Egypt. (MENA 1/18 in FBIS 1/18; WT 1/19)

Secy. of Defense-designate Adm. Bobby Inman holds press conference to announce 1/6 withdrawal of his name, citing opposition to his nomination by Sen. Bob Dole, NYT columnist William Safire. Inman says Safire motivated by his 1981 decision as dep. director of CIA to restrict U.S. satellite intelligence provided to Israel after Israeli bombing of Iraqi nuclear reactor. Inman says then-Israeli DM Ariel Sharon complained about limitation to Secy. of Defense Caspar Weinberger, who supported Inman. (NYT, WP, WT 1/19)

PM Rabin says peace btwn. Israel and Syria may require Israel to pay a "painful price," notes he "expected more" fr. al-Asad but would "make do" and negotiate on basis of al-Asad's 1/16 Geneva statements. Rabin echoes calls for national referendum on Golan withdrawal. AP reports opposition by Likud, govt. coalition to plans for Israeli referendum on withdrawal fr. Golan. (MM 1/18, 1/19; NYT, WT 1/19)

IDF clashes with Palestinian stonethrowers at Hebron college. 7 Palestinians shot and wounded. (NYT 1/20)