Saturday, July 9, 1994

PLO Chmn. Arafat arrives in Saudi Arabia on visit, is greeted by DM Prince Sultan in sign that strains fr. 1990-91 Gulf crisis are over.  Later, Arafat has audience with King Fahd.  Separately, PNA Labor M Samir Ghawsha says Arafat will take up residence in Palestinian self-rule areas.  (SPA 7/9 in FBIS 7/10; WP, WT 7/10; MM 7/11)

King Hussein tells Jordan's parliament he is ready to meet publicly with Israeli PM Rabin.  Hussein says mtg. a condition set by U.S. for forgiveness of Jordanian debt to U.S., provision of U.S. weaponry to Jordanian armed forces.  (JTV 7/9 in FBIS 7/11; WP 7/10; CSM, MM 7/11)