Wednesday, July 20, 1994

Secy of State Christopher meets Jordan's King Hussein in Amman, Hussein telling press conference he will not sign a peace treaty at 7/25 summit with Israeli PM Rabin.  Hussein expresses "fervent hope" for "comprehensive peace," but says Jordan will "move ahead" with negotiations irrespective of Syrian track.  Monarch asserts that "the holy sites in Jerusalem belong to the Muslim world as a whole."  (MM 7/20; NYT, WP, WT 7/21)

Israeli FM Peres, Jordanian PM and FM Majali, and U.S. Secy of State Christopher meet in Shunah, Jordan, pledge to seek peace.  Peres and Majali indicate state of war may be ended at 7/25 summit in Washington.  (JTV 7/20 in FBIS 7/21; MM 7/20; CSM, NYT, WP, WSJ, WT 7/21)

Palestinian-Israeli talks in Cairo on "early empowerment" of Palestinians conclude, Palestinian negotiator Shaath saying some progress made but Israel not willing to transfer real power in education, health, social, administrative, and financial affairs.  (MENA 7/20 in FBIS 7/21)

PNA Economy M Ahmad Qurai` denied entry to Jerusalem by Israeli authorities.  Qurai` was scheduled to address economic conference, which he speaks to by telephone.  Israel objects to any PNA activities in Jerusalem.  (TJT 7/22; JP 7/30)

IAF rockets Hizballah positions in Iqlim al-Tuffah and eastern Biqa` Valley, Lebanon.  Israel blames Hizballah for 7/18 bombing of building housing Jewish organizations in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Hizballah denies involvement.  (RL 7/20 in FBIS 7/21; NYT, WT 7/21)