Thursday, June 2, 1994

IDF helicopters (4), IAF fighter-bombers (6) attack Hizballah base at `Ayn Kawkab, nr. Ba`albak, killing at least 26, as many as 45, and wounding 30 (up to 80), most teenagers in their beds.  Hizballah fires 20 katyusha rockets at Israel in retaliation, 7 landing nr. Nahariya.  Lebanon, Syria denounce attack.  UN S.G. Butrus Butrus-Ghali expresses "concern" over attack. (RL 6/2 in FBIS 6/2; MM 6/2, 6/3; CSM, NYT, WP, WT 6/3; JP 6/11)

PLO Chmn. Arafat cancels appointments, reportedly suffering fr. "mild angina."  (MENA, RL, MBC TV 6/2 in FBIS 6/3; NYT, WP 6/3)

Protests continue in Ramallah, 2 Palestinians wounded as Justice M David Liba'i visits.  (JP 6/11)

Mtg. of UNRWA donors grouping 24 countries, European Union (EU) concludes in Amman.  (UNRWA News 6/15)

Israeli FM Peres meets Morocco's King Hassan during stopover in Rabat on return fr. visit to Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina.  (MM 6/3)