Tuesday, June 14, 1994

Israeli PM Rabin, during tour of Jericho area, accuses PLO of violating 5/4 agreement by arresting Gaza Strip collaborators.  Rabin says arrests could affect timetable for releasing Palestinian prisoners.  (WSJ, WT 6/15)

PLO official Nabil Shaath arrives in Gaza "to stay."  (MM 6/15)

Palestinian police officer in Gaza shot late 6/13 dies, 1st such casualty since start of self-rule.  Officer allegedly shot accidentally by another officer, but circumstances unclear.  (MM 6/14; WT 6/15; TJT 6/17)

Ha'Aretz reports Jerusalem municipality is contemplating placing liens on Orient House, unofficial PLO HQ in Jerusalem, for unpaid local taxes.  (MM 6/14)

Human Rights Watch-Middle East issues report accusing Israel of systematic torture of Palestinian prisoners and detainees.  Report says torture and ill-treatment persist despite peace agreements with PLO.  (MM, WT 6/15; CSM 6/17)

Syrian Pres. al-Asad, Lebanese Pres. Hirawi hold summit in Damascus, agree to step up coordination of positions in negotiations with Israel.  (MM 6/15)

Mohammed al-Khilewi, frmr. 1st secy of Saudi UN mission, applies for political asylum in U.S.  Al-Khilewi accuses Saudis of supporting Hamas, spying on U.S. Jewish organizations.  (WSJ 6/15)

WP reports U.S. concern with North Korean nuclear-weapons program motivated in part by CIA assessment of potential danger to Israel from missile exports to Iran, Libya, and Syria, possible sales of nuclear arms to terrorist groups.  (WP 6/14)