Sunday, June 26, 1994

Palestinian National Authority holds 1st cabinet mtg. in Gaza City.  Weekly sessions are to alternate btwn. Gaza and Jericho.  (WT 6/29)

Israeli Commission of Inquiry into 2/25 Hebron massacre issues report, concludes settler Baruch Goldstein acted alone in killing 29 Palestinian Muslim worshippers at Haram al-Ibrahimi.  Report clears govt., IDF of any responsibility for attack but notes lapses in security at site, previous provocations by Goldstein.  Commission recommends Jewish worshippers be barred fr. carrying weapons, separation of Jews and Muslims.  Panel also urges IDF to clarify open-fire regulations.  Palestinians including Hebron Mayor Mustafa al-Natsha, Meretz MK Dedi Zucker criticize report, saying massacre took place because of "climate of threats and violence," double standard applied to settlers.  (MM, NYT, WP, WSJ, WT 6/27; WJW 6/30; JP 7/9)

Israeli Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) denies broadcast allegations that radiation escaped during 1966 accident at Negev Nuclear Research Centre in Dimona, site of Israeli nuclear-weapons program, but admits accident, death of 1 employee.  Frmr. Dimona technician, 1 of 20 suing AEC for contracting cancer after incident, alleged radiation release in 6/24 Israel TV interview.  (WT 6/27)