Tuesday, March 29, 1994

Israeli officials say 6 Fateh Hawks killed by IDF undercover unit 3/28 killed in error. Officials say the 6 were not fugitives and did not fire on Israeli soldiers, and were part of security apparatus being established by Fateh in anticipation of IDF withdrawal. Witnesses tell press, B'Tselem Palestinians shot in the head at close range after being wounded. (MM 3/29; CSM, NYT, WP 3/30)

Riots erupt in o.t. in response to 3/28 killings. 17-yr.-old killed by IDF, 70 Palestinians, 4IDF soldiers wounded in al-Burayj r.c. 70-yr.-old Israeli attacked nr. Tel Aviv by 2 Palestinians with axes. Army closes o.t. schools for 2 days in response to violence. (MM 3/29, 3/30; WP 3/30)

International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) issues report on 2/25 Hebron massacre, urges Israel to investigate its arming of settlers and commission of inquiry to charge all culpable in massacre and to appoint counsel for victims. (MM 3/29)

Conference of 200 rabbis in Qiryat Arba, including frmr. Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Avraham Shapira, decides IDF soldiers should defy any orders to evacuate settlements, threatens to mobilize resistance to any evacuation moves. (MM 3/30; WT 3/31; NYT 4/1)