Wednesday, November 30, 1994

Donor countries promise to release $125 m. of promised aid to PA immediately to help self-rule transition. Arafat says money will go to improving Gaza slums. (VOP 11/30 in FBIS 12/1; CSM, MM, WP, WT 12/1; Le Soir 12/1 in FBIS 12/2; JP 12/3; WJW 12/8; MEI 12/16)

Labor MK Ori Orr suggests Israel postpone troop withdrawal fr. West Bank but uproot some settlements ahead of schedule. Similar statements made separately by Environmental M Sarid. Comments widely thought to be "trial balloons" sent up by Rabin government. (JP, QY 11/30 in MM 11/30; MM 12/2)

Israel, Palestinians, donor countries sign "memorandum of understanding" outlining PA's needs for next 4 mos., issues of taxation, Israeli aid, contributions fr. donor countries. (QY 11/30 in FBIS 12/1)

Joint Jordanian-Israeli borders comm. ends 2nd 2-day round of talks in Aqaba. Each side delegates 3 teams to carry out primary delineation of border, to be completed 12/6. (PETRA 11/30 in FBIS 12/1)

Joint Jordanian-Israeli comm. on treaty implementation creates 2 subcommittees comprising representatives fr. armed forces and Mins. of Interior, Agriculture, Water respectively to implement Jordanian law in al-Ghamar, Baqurah areas by 1/95, in keeping with Jordan-Israel treaty annexes. (PETRA 11/30 in FBIS 12/1)

ITV reports Israeli Amb. Itamar Rabinovitch, Syrian Amb. Walid Mu`allim recently held talks in Washington on security arrangements in which senior army officers fr. both sides participated; some progress was made. (ITV 11/30, HA 12/1 in FBIS 12/1)

UNRWA approves $163,810 in new small-business loans for projects in Gaza, bring number of UNRWA loans to Gaza to 157. (UNRWA News 11/30)

IDF soldier is axed to death by Palestinian in Afula, northern Israel; IDF arrests 40 Hamas mbrs. in West Bank. (IDF Radio 11/30 in FBIS 12/1; MM, NYT, WP, WT 12/1; PR 12/4; WJW 12/8; JP 12/10)