Saturday, October 1, 1994

Tunisia, Israel agree to exchange low-level representatives as 1st step toward eventual diplomatic relations. The new econ. liaisons to operate fr. Belgian embassies in Tel Aviv, Tunis. (QY 10/2 in FBIS 10/3; CSM, NYT 10/3; WJW 10/6; JP 10/8)

Syrian FM al-Shara` says Gulf states partial lifting of Israeli boycott "was not timely and does not serve the Arab negotiators' interests." (WT 10/2; SARR 10/2 in FBIS 10/3; MM 10/3)

IDF closes primary school in West Bank indefinitely, saying children threw stones at passing IDF vehicle; causes embarrassment for PNA which technically controls West Bank education. (MEI 10/7)

Curfew on Hebron is lifted. (MEI 10/7)