Friday, October 7, 1994

U.S. dispatches 4,000 troops to Kuwait, puts forces on alert as 14,000 Iraqi Republican Guards move toward Basra. The move, which places 64,000 prime Iraqi troops nr. Kuwaiti border, is seen as tactical attempt by Saddam Hussein to pressure UN to lift sanctions. (NYT, WP 10/8; NYT, WP, WT 10/9)

Syrian FM al-Shara` meets Pres. Clinton in Washington, delivers letter fr. Pres. al-Asad reaffirming desire for peace with Israel in exchange for full, rapid withdrawal fr. Golan. (MM 10/7; SARR 10/7 in FBIS 10/12; NYT 10/8)

FM al-Shara` is 1st Syrian official to be interviewed on ITV, gives Israeli public Syria's view of peace. No new policy statements made, but Rabin considers interview "positive step." (ITV 10/7 in FBIS 10/11; MM 10/10, 10/11)

IDF issues guidelines on handling settlers, says soldiers confronting settlers should not use force unless situation is life-threatening, gives general in charge of regional command authority to order IDF into areas controlled by PNA to quell riots. (HA 10/7 in FBIS 10/7)

IDF says some 300 of the 550 released Palestinian prisoners living in Jericho have left the autonomous area, returned to West Bank. Both IDF, PSF will look for them. (JP 10/8)

Palestinian police issue order prohibiting bus companies fr. transporting groups organized by political factions without PNA approval. Rights groups say ban violates Palestinians' right to hold political gatherings. (QY 10/7 in FBIS 10/12)