Sunday, October 16, 1994

Israeli PM Rabin, FM Peres Jordanian King Hussein hold impromptu mtg. in Amman to discuss remaining differences on peace agmt. draft, show eagerness to come to agmt. before yr.'s end despite recent events. (NYT, WT 10/17)

Jordan, PNA each appoint a mufti to Jerusalem to replace Sheikh Suleiman Jaabari who died last mo., escalating the conflict over control of Jerusalem's holy sites. (RMC 10/17 in FBIS 10/17; CSM, MM 10/18; WT 10/19)

100's of Hamas supporters resume protests outside Gaza jail. Palestinian police disperse crowd without casualties, say they will release all but core mbrs. among the 210 Hamas supporters detained in the past wk. (WP 10/17)

Israel lifts closure on Gaza Strip. (QY 10/16 in FBIS 10/17; NYT, WP, WT 10/17)