Monday, October 24, 1994

U.S. Secy. of State Christopher hints U.S. will improve ties with Syria if Pres. al-Asad signs agmt. with Israel, calls for international ban on financial aid to Hamas. (MM, NYT 10/25; WT 10/26)

King Hussein, angry at Arafat's criticism of agmt. with Israel, gives speech to army indirectly warning Arafat not to undermine Jordanian security, alludes to Black September. (MM 10/25)

By vote of 56 to 51, Israeli government defeats 3 no-confidence motions put before Knesset by Likud, Moledet, National Religious Party, Tsomet in reaction to bus bombing. (MM 10/25)

Israeli Dep. FM Beilin says that official talks with Hamas are possible, if Hamas is truly interested in reducing tensions. (MM 10/24, 10/25)

Israeli FM Peres says he asked Jordan to close Hamas offices in Amman but Jordan refused saying offices do political, not military, work. (QY 10/24 in FBIS 10/25; Al-Madj 10/31 in FBIS 11/2)

Israeli delegation arrives in Bahrain on 1st official visit ever to prepare for multilaterals on environment. (MM 10/24; WJW 10/27)

Hamas vows to disrupt signing of Israeli-Jordanian agmt. 10/26, Pres. Clinton's visit to Jerusalem 10/27. (WP 10/25)

Palestinian police report only 30 of the 200-300 Hamas mbrs. arrested following kidnapping of IDF soldier are still in custody. Hamas says 80. (WP 10/25) (see 10/12)