Thursday, September 15, 1994

Palestinian military delegation arrives in Moscow for wk.-long stay, signs agmt. with Russian DMin. for delivery of 45 BT-82 armored personnel carriers, spare parts, ammunition for use by Palestinian police. (MM 9/15; Al-Hayat 9/27 in FBIS 9/29)

UNRWA approves $250 m. worth of projects for Gaza, West Bank to be implemented over the next 2 yrs. (UNRWA News 9/21)

Libya's Pan-Arab Unity Min. releases statement saying Palestinian autonomy "must be fought," bringing Palestinian-Libyan relations to new low. (MM 9/15)

Arab League FM's meeting in Cairo reject Israeli steps to give Jordan distinguished religious role in Jerusalem; pledge they will not sign NPT unless Israel signs in move planned by Syria to pressure Israel to adhere to NPT, open installations to inspection. (AFP 9/15, VOP 9/16 in FBIS 9/16) (see 8/31)