Saturday, September 17, 1994

Arafat arrives in Cairo for the opening of PECDAR mtg.; talks with Egyptian Pres. Mubarak, FM `Amr Musa on aid, mtg. with Israeli FM Peres in Oslo. (MENA 9/17 in FBIS 9/20)

Azmi Shuabi, head of PNA Sports and Youth Dept., announces negotiations with Israel on elections will begin 9/28; says date was decided during Arafat-Peres mtg. in Oslo 9/13. (CSM 9/21)

PNA declares itself sole party in charge of all Islamic sites in Jerusalem. All Islamic institutions will fall under PNA's new Awqaf Ministry to be headed by Hassan Tahboub, a pro-Jordanian. King Hussein denounces call saying he is still guardian of holy places. (JP 9/17; WT 9/18; MM 9/19) (see 8/18)

Unsigned leaflets are distributed throughout Damascus, stating "Peace is in the interests of..Syria," call on Syrians to prepare themselves for peace with Israel. (WT 9/23)

2 Hamas gunmen kill 1 Palestinian policeman in Rafah in 1st fatal clash btwn. PNA security forces, groups opposed to self-rule agmts. (AFP, VOP 9/18; MM, NYT, WT 9/19; MEI 9/23)