Sunday, September 25, 1994

Israeli PM Rabin, PLO Chmn. Arafat hold unusually friendly mtg. to discuss elections, redeployment of IDF. Both agree to start negotiations on elections 10/3. Arafat tells Rabin he is trying to convene PNC to amend charter. (QY, VOP 9/25 in FBIS 9/26; MM, NYT, WP, WT 9/26; Davar 9/26 in FBIS 9/27; WJW 9/29; MEI 10/7)

Arab League Asst. Sec. Gen. `Adnan 'Imran says the league rejects Israel's demand to withdraw UN resolutions on the Palestinian question, calls U.S. decision to issue Amb. Albright's memorandum "regrettable." (RE 9/25 in FBIS 9/26) (see 9/20)

Fatah's Supreme Comm. announces formation of preparatory comm. for elections, calls on all political forces to participate in elections, denounces Israel's procrastination on elections process. (VOP 9/25 in FBIS 9/26)

1 settler stabbed, wounded in Gaza by Palestinian carrying leaflet fr. Hamas. Hamas denies responsibility. (WT 9/26)