Thursday, September 29, 1994

Israeli PM Rabin meets Jordan's King Hussein in Aqaba to discuss border issues. Hussein demands return of land transferred to Israel when border was moved in 1968. Rabin agrees in principle, but requires increased Jordan-Israel cooperation in return. Hussein disagrees saying return should follow fr. end of hostilities. (MM 9/29; RJ 9/30 in FBIS 9/30; ITV 9/30, AFP, IDF Radio 10/2 in FBIS 10/3)

Israeli FM Peres addresses UNGA, says Israel is fully committed to implementing the DOP in spirit and letter. (MM 9/30; Jerusalem Govt. Press Office 10/3 in FBIS 10/3)

Labor MK Kahalani submits controversial bill on special majority for Golan referendum to Knesset. PM Rabin threatens to pull out of talks with Syria if bill is passed. Golani settlers end hunger strike. (MM 9/29; QY 9/29 in FBIS 9/30; JP 10/8)

Israeli-Palestinian border crossing comm. meets at Rafah checkpoint to finalize draft agmt. for PNA administration of Allenby Bridge, Rafah crossings. (ITV 9/29 in FBIS 9/30)

Mike Guzofsky, head of Kahane Chai, New York, says he is sending delegation to Jordan to buy land for East Bank settlement, adds "If such a tiny thing, like Jews wanting to buy a little land and settle there, causes an uproar, then it's proof this isn't . . . peace." Jordan calls move irresponsible, provocative. (WJW 9/29) (see 9/16)

Guatemala announces it will move its embassy to Jerusalem. (WJW 9/29) (see 8/15)