Saturday, April 1, 1995

Egypt's Pres. Mubarak arrives in Washington for brief trip to solidify ties with U.S. in light of NPT issue, peace process. (MENA 4/1, MENA, RE 4/2, MENA 4/3 in FBIS 4/3)

Muhammad Jundi, jailed for aiding Israeli undercover agents kill 6 Fatah Hawks 1 yr. ago, is found shot dead in Jabaliyya r.c. PA intelligence mbrs. (many frmr. Fatah Hawks) suspected. (NYT 4/6)

Russian FM Kozyrev meets with Arafat in Gaza, discusses aid, Israel's "separation" plan, Palestinian elections. (VOP 3/31 in FBIS 4/4; VOP 4/1 in FBIS 4/3; JP 4/8; MM 4/25)