Tuesday, April 11, 1995

2 days of PA-Israeli talks on elections, redeployment close in Cairo without progress. PA Planning M Shaath says Israelis are not taking talks seriously. (MENA 4/10, 4/11 in FBIS 4/11; IDF Radio, MENA 4/11 in FBIS 4/12)

In closed military trial held at night, without prior notice, PA sentences Omar Shalah, mbr. of Islamic Jihad, to life in prison for planning 1/22 Beit Lid bombing, "harming the peace process." PA Planning M Shaath acknowledges closed-door trials are controversial but calls them "necessary to protect the national interest." Islamists fire on PA security mbrs. wounding 2. Hamas, Islamic Jihad warn Arafat is going too far. Israel says he is doing better but still not doing enough. (MM 4/11; QY 4/11 in FBIS 4/11; AFP 4/11 in FBIS 4/12; CSM, NYT, WP 4/12; NYT 4/13; JP 4/22; NYT 5/3)

Israeli Police M Shahal presents PM Rabin with final conclusions to separation proposal submitted 3/17; calls for "fixed  closure" (incl. vehicles) in which entry to Israel will be permitted only by licensing, through regulated points only, with "assumption . . . that anybody who crosses into Israel otherwise is coming to commit an offense and is held to be a suspect from the outset." (ITV 4/11 in FBIS 4/12; MM 4/12)

Arafat, Pres. Mubarak meet in Cairo to discuss peace process, Palestinian opposition. Arafat accuses Israel of fomenting Palestinian civil war by continuing occupation, delaying negotiations. (AFP, MENA, RE, VOP 4/11 in FBIS 4/12; NYT, WP 4/12)

Pres. Mubarak's political advisor Ossama al-Baz says Egypt does not seek to withdraw fr. NPT, wants 5-yr. reviews, is against unlimited extension. (MENA 4/11 in FBIS 4/12)