Thursday, April 20, 1995

On visit to Austria, Israeli Dep. FM Beilin says it makes no difference to Israel which elements are in control of s. Lebanon "so long as the safety of the inhabitants is maintained." Statement thought to be a concessionary signal to Syria. (MM 4/20)

Syrian VP Khaddam says Syria still wants full withdrawal to 6/4/67 border [the 1967 border incl. a strip of land along the Sea of Galilee not incl. in the international border], "equality" in security arrangements, recent signals fr. Israel have not changed Syria's position. (MM 4/20)

U.S. says Saudi Arabia failed to cooperate with U.S. effort 2 wks ago to seize Islamic Jihad's Imad Mughniyya in connection with 1983 Beirut Marine barracks bombing. Saudis refused to let plane in which Mughniyya was flying land on Saudi soil. (NYT, WP, WT 4/22; al-Hayat 4/23 in FBIS 4/25; MM, WT 4/24; WJW 4/27)

Previously unknown group, Islamic Salvation Front for Palestine, releases 2d communiqué in 2 wks threatening to attack Israeli targets in Egypt, Algeria, France, Britain, U.S. if PA crackdown on Islamist groups continues. Hamas, Islamic Jihad say they have never heard of the group. (AFP, QY 4/20 in FBIS 4/21)

FBI switches focus of search for Oklahoma bombers to domestic separatist, white supremacist groups; Middle Eastern connection termed unlikely. (NYT, WP, WT 4/21; WP 4/22; MM 2/24) (see 4/19)