Tuesday, April 25, 1995

Syrian, Israeli ambs. resume talks on security issues in Washington. Mtg. is attended by Secy. of State Christopher but does not include military advisers. (QY 4/26 in FBIS 4/26; MM 4/27; WT 4/28)

PA, Israel resume talks on elections in Cairo, focus on allowing East Jerusalem Palestinians to vote, nature, structure, jurisdiction of projected legislative council. (MENA 4/25, MENA, VOP 4/26 in FBIS 4/26; WT 4/26; MENA, QY, VOP 4/26 in FBIS 4/27)

Preliminary donor mtg. opens in Paris. PA Planning M Shaath suggests donor states commit to timetable for meeting pledges for 1 yr., but several states (Shaath refuses to say which) oppose. (RMC 4/26 in FBIS 4/28)

In 1st such incident since signing of DOP, Palestinian arrested 4/22 on charges of being a sr. military leader in Hamas dies of injuries sustained during interrogation by Shin Bet. (MM 4/25; QY 4/25 in FBIS 4/25; CSM, NYT, WP 4/26; WP 5/4)

Jordan's amb. to Israel Muasher meets with Arafat advisor Husseini, frmr. PLO negotiator Hannan Ashrawi at Orient House in East Jerusalem, says Jordan, PA have resolved their differences over Jerusalem. (QY 4/25 in FBIS 4/25; QY 4/25 in FBIS 4/26; MM 4/26)

PA signs $65 m. contract with OPIC, Washington-based General Resources and Design Group to build Marriott hotel in Gaza. Hotel will have independent infrastructure (incl. water desalinization, communications, electricity). (MM 4/27)

Jordan's Dentists' Association bans mbrs. fr. treating Israelis, who have been coming to Jordan for cheaper medical attention since signing of peace treaty. Move seen as part of growing disenchantment with normalization with Israel. (MM 4/26, 5/2)

In retaliation for Yassin killing 3/31, Hizballah suicide bomber crashes explosive-rigged car into IDF, SLA convoy in s. Lebanon, wounding 9 IDF soldiers, 1 SLA mbr., 12 civilians. IDF reinforces troops in south, sweeps area, arrests 40 Lebanese. IAF overflies Beirut, is fired on by Lebanese Army again. (AFP, IDF Radio, QY, RL, VOL 4/25, RL 4/26 in FBIS 4/26; MM, NYT, WP, WT 4/26; VOL 4/26 in FBIS 4/27; JP 5/6; MEI 5/12)