Sunday, April 30, 1995

At World Jewish Congress mtg. in New York, Pres. Clinton announces trade ban on Iran, saying it threatens peace in the Middle East. Israeli FM Peres warns Islamic fundamentalism "like Communism adopted the Machiavellian slogan that ends justify means, which is a license to lie, to subvert, to kill." After mtg., Clinton, Peres discuss U.S. intervention in Syrian track; Clinton says U.S. will offer proposals only if asked by both sides. (NYT, WP, WT 5/1; QY 5/1 in FBIS 5/1; MM 5/2; WT 5/4; HA 5/5 in FBIS 5/5; MM 5/5; MEI 5/12)

Israeli government approves construction of 7,500 new units for Jewish settlers on 450 acres of in East Jerusalem. (ITV 4/30 in FBIS 5/1; MM 5/1; CSM 5/3; ITV 5/3 in FBIS 5/4; WJW 5/4)