Friday, August 4, 1995

At close of 2d full wk. of intensive negotiations, PA, Israel are still far apart on timetable for redeployment, water rights, security arrangements, control over state land, participation of Jerusalem residents in elections, future of Hebron, electricity; will resume talks 8/7. (CSM 8/4; VOP 8/4 in FBIS 8/8; WT 8/6)

PM Rabin meets with 8 settler leaders in effort to prevent further protests, schedules follow-up mtg. for 8/8. (MM 8/4; QY 8/4 in FBIS 8/4; PR 8/11) (see 7/10)

Jordanian Democratic Progressive Party, Jordanian Socialist Democratic Party, Jordanian Arab Democratic Party merge to form new group: the Jordanian Unionist Democratic Party. (JT 8/4 in FBIS 8/4)

Clinton's antiterrorism bill gets hung up in the Judiciary Comm. over bipartisan fears of government intrusion in the personal lives of citizens. Final version may not reach Clinton until early 10/95. (WP 8/6) (see 4/6, 6/20)