Wednesday, December 13, 1995

On his return fr. the U.S., PM Peres stops in Morocco to visit King Hassan. (QY 12/13, HA 12/14 in FBIS 12/14; MM 12/14, 12/15)

8 Hamas mbrs. (incl. Abu Musamih, `Abd al-Khaliq al-Natshe, Muhammad Abu Shama'a, Zahhar) travel fr. Gaza to Khartoum for 4 days of talks with diaspora Hamas leaders in advance of negotiations with the PA in Cairo 12/18-21. (MM, WT 12/13; IRNA [Tehran], VOP 12/13 in FBIS 12/14; MENA 12/16 in FBIS 12/18)

Syria releases 100's of Muslim Brothers, communists fr. jail, leaving only a handful of Muslim Brothers still in detention. (MM 12/15; RMC 12/17 in FBIS 12/18) (see 12/11)

Jordanian prosecutor general orders detention of Sawt al-Mar'ah chief editor for "slandering Iraqi president Saddam Hussein." (al-Dustur 12/18 in FBIS 12/19)

Saudi Arabia's Prince Khalid Bin Sultan calls for and end to sanctions on Iraq. (NYT 12/14)