Friday, December 22, 1995

PA temporary election commission extends deadline for accepting nomination applications for president, Palestinian Council to midnight 12/23. (VOP 12/23 in FBIS 12/26)

Arafat issues presidential decree forming the Central Election Commission (CEC) to replace the temporary election commission. Groups such as the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights immediately criticize the high percentage of Fatah mbrs. on the CEC, which is supposed to be entirely independent, with mbrs. chosen fr. among judges, academics, lawyers. (VOP 12/22 in FBIS 12/22)

PM Peres says Israel would be prepared to close its nuclear program if there was a regional peace in the Middle East, but does not admit Dimona is a nuclear facility. (NYT 12/23; ITV, QY 12/22, ITV 12/23, ITV, QY 12/24 in FBIS 12/26; QY 12/26 in FBIS 12/27; JP 12/30)

IDF kills 2 Hizballah mbrs. in clash in s. Lebanon. 2 SLA soldiers are killed in separate incident. (QY, VOL 12/22, RL 12/23 in FBIS 12/26)