Monday, February 20, 1995

Arafat meets with French Pres. François Mitterrand, FM Alain Juppé in Paris, calls on EU to pressure Israel to break impasse in talks. (WP, WT 2/21; MEI 3/3)

Arafat flies to Tunis to prepare for PLO Executive Comm. mtg. 2/21. In what is largely seen as snub to Arafat, no sr. PLO mbrs. meet him at airport; Mahmud Abbas leaves country hours before arrival; Faruq al-Qaddumi forces Arafat to come to his office for mtg. (WT 2/22; MM 2/28)

1,000 Palestinians are allowed to return to jobs in Israel. PM Rabin says 10,000 will eventually be allowed back in. (MM 2/2)

Israeli Atty. Gen. Mikhael Ben-Ya'ir confirms IDF reports Israeli undercover police have been carrying out joint patrols around Jericho with armed settlers for past 2 wks; says patrols exists, are a problem, but will continue. (IDF Radio 2/20 in FBIS 2/23; HA 2/27 in FBIS 2/28)

Israel's West Bank Border Police Cmdr. Yitzhak Aharonovitz says joint Israeli-PA patrols have assumed many IDF duties in Jenin, Nablus, Hebron, will soon be given responsibilities in Bethlehem, Tulkarm as part of separation plan being finalized by army. (JP 2/21 in FBIS 2/23)

Likud files no-confidence motion against Rabin government for deciding to ease closure on o.t. to reduce tension with PA, says it threatens Israeli security. (QY 2/20, JP 2/21 in FBIS 2/21; QY 2/22 in FBIS 2/23)