Sunday, January 8, 1995

Russia agrees to $800 m. deal to complete work on Iranian nuclear power plant, raising criticism fr. Israel, U.S. (WP 1/9; ITV 1/9 in FBIS 1/10)

U.S. Defense Secy. William Perry arrives in Israel for 2-day visit; meets with PM Rabin, FM Peres; discusses China issue (see 1/6). Says Middle East should curb spread of atomic, nuclear weapons; Israel should join NPT; Iran could become nuclear power in 15 yrs. (WP 1/8; MENA 1/8 in FBIS 1/9; ITV 1/9 in FBIS 1/10; MM 1/9, 1/10; JP 1/14; MEI 1/20)

Jordan's newly-appointed PM Shakir announces new government designed "to strengthen the foundations of peace." 3 of 31 mbrs. are Palestinian-Jordanians; none are leftists or mbrs. of Islamic Action Front, the 2 groups opposed to treaty with Israel. (JTV 1/8, JT 1/9 in FBIS 1/9; Jordan Information Bureau, MM 1/9; WJW 1/19; MEI 1/20)