Sunday, January 22, 1995

2 explosions at bus stop at Beyt Lid junction, Israel, kill 19, wound 65. 2 more later die of wounds, leaving 21 Israelis dead. Islamic Jihad claims responsibility as retribution for murder of Hani Abed 11/2, settlement construction. For 1st time, Israeli Pres. Weizman calls for government to stop talks. Arafat denounces attack. (AFP, IDF Radio, ITV, QPAR, QY, RMC, VOP 1/22, HA, QY 1/23 in FBIS 1/23; CSM, NYT, WP, WT 1/23; ITV, QPAR, VOP 1/23 in FBIS 1/24; SARR, VOP 1/23 in FBIS 1/25; WJW 1/26; JP 1/28; WJW 2/2; MEI 2/3; WP 2/5)

PM Rabin calls emergency cabinet mtg. to discuss explosions at Beyt Lid; delays release of Palestinian prisoners, opening of safe passage btwn. Gaza, Jericho; announces Palestinians will be barred fr. entering Israel for "a number of days"; reiterates idea of national separation (see 10/19). (CSM, NYT, WP, WT 1/23; ITV 1/22, QY, VOP 1/23 in FBIS 1/23; MM 1/23; CSM 1/24)

U.S. Secy. of State Christopher calls Syrian FM al-Shara`, demands Syria stop providing safe haven to "terrorists," esp. Islamic Jihad leader Fathi Shiqaqi. Shiqaqi issues statement "reminding" U.S. he is in Syria only because Israel deported him. (MM 1/23; NYT, WT 1/24)

PA, Egypt, Jordan hold mtg. in Cairo to coordinate stance on 1967 refugees, discuss definition of "refugee" and requirements for right of return in preparation for negotiations with Israel. (MENA 1/22 in FBIS 1/24)

Multilateral talks steering comm. opens 2-day session in Cairo to discuss accomplishments of 5 working groups. Delegations fr. Egypt, Jordan, PA, Israel, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Japan, EU, U.S., Russia attend. (MENA 1/22, 1/23 in FBIS 1/23; RE 1/23 in FBIS 1/24)

PA Economics M Qurai` leads PA delegation to Amman for talks on bilateral relation with Jordanians in advance of Arafat visit 1/25. (JTV, RJ 1/22 in FBIS 1/23)

PM Rabin holds cabinet mtg. on settlement issue; creates comm. of 6 cabinet Ms, headed by him, to approve all housing plans for o.t., incl. privately financed construction. Building will be suspended until comm. meets later in wk. (IGPO, ITV 1/22 in FBIS 1/23; NYT 1/23; JP 1/28)

Israeli Dep. FM Beilin meets with Egyptian Pres. Mubarak in Cairo to discuss bilateral relations and NPT. (MENA 1/22 in FBIS 1/23; MM 1/23; WT 1/25)

Hizballah's political chief Shaykh Hassan Nasrallah states for 1st time that all 6 Israeli MIAs are dead. Israel asserts air force navigator Ron Arad is still alive. (RL 1/23 in FBIS 1/25; WT 1/24)