Tuesday, July 4, 1995

In Gaza, Arafat, FM Peres sketch out principles of deal on West Bank self-rule, elections; overcome most differences on security for Zone B areas; agree to form comm. to discuss future of Hebron; appoint new, expanded teams (led by PA Economics M Qurai`, Israeli FMin. Dir. Gen. Uri Savir) to hammer out agmt. by 7/25. Deal will include prisoner release. (AFP, ITV, VOP 7/4, QY 7/5 in FBIS 7/5; NYT, WP, WT 7/5; HA, ITV, QY, VOP 7/5, al-Hayat 7/6 in FBIS 7/6; CSM 7/6; JP 7/7 in FBIS 7/11; PR 7/9; WP 7/10)

IDF says number of anti-Israeli attacks in s. Lebanon has increased by 50% since beginning of 1995, while incidents in West Bank, Gaza have dropped by 50%. Number of incidents in Jerusalem have remained unchanged. (QY 7/4 in FBIS 7/7)