Tuesday, July 25, 1995

Reversing his 7/16 decision, PM Rabin promises Rachel's tomb will remain under full Israeli control, Jews will have access to Machapela Cave (Hebron), Joseph's tomb (Nablus), comm. of MKs fr. religious parties will be set up to advise Israeli negotiators on holy sites in West Bank. (MM 7/25; JP 7/25 in FBIS 7/25; MA, QY 7/26 in FBIS 7/26; JP 8/5)

U.S. Amb. to Israel Indyk holds prescheduled mtg. with MKs Arye Deri, David Levi, Moshe Qatzav, Nisim Zvili, Gedalya Gal. (MM 7/26; HA 7/28 in FBIS 7/30)

At Tulkarm checkpoint, Palestinian workers upset by delays in entering Israel despite their permits begin riot. IDF shoots, wounds 2. (PR 8/4)

PA police arrest 20 Hamas mbrs. in connection with 7/24 attack. (AFP 7/25 in FBIS 7/26)

Knesset approves establishment of 1-man breakaway faction fr. Moledet named Right of Israel. Party head MK Sha'ul Gutman will keep his seat, likely align with Kach. (JP 7/25 in FBIS 7/26) (see 7/19)

U.S. immigration (INS) officials detain, strip search Hamas mbr. Abu Marzuq, his wife, and 6 children on entry to the U.S. at Kennedy airport. While out of the country, Abu Marzuq, a permanent U.S. resident who has lived in Virginia for 14 yrs., was placed on the INS terrorism watch list on suspicion of being a Hamas decision maker, fund-raiser for Hamas. He may either be tried in the U.S., extradited to Israel (if requested), or deported to the UAE (his point of departure for the U.S.). (WP 7/27; NYT, WT 7/28; MEI 8/4) (see 5/31)

In s. Lebanon, 1 SLA mbr. killed, 3 wounded when Hizballah mbrs. detonate roadside bomb.