Tuesday, June 13, 1995

At Neve Ilan nr. Jerusalem, Israel, PA hold talks on transferring 8 new spheres of power, establishing 9 industrial parks. (QY 6/13 in FBIS 6/13) (see 5/22, 5/29)

Arafat meets with Norwegian FM Bjørn Godal in Gaza, discusses current status of negotiations with Israel. (QY 6/14 in FBIS 6/14)

U.S. Asst. Secy. of State Robert Pelletreau arrives in Cairo for talks with FM Musa on bilateral relations, peace process. (MENA 6/13 in FBIS 6/13)

Shin Bet reports that number of anti-Israeli incidents has reached its lowest point since the beginning of the intifada; most incidents take place in Israeli occupied territory, very few come fr. Gaza. (ITV 6/13 in FBIS 6/15)

IDF changes requirements for Palestinian workers to enter Israel, rescinds permits of 4,000 single men under 30; henceforth only married men over 30 will be allowed in. PA protests. (MA 6/14 in FBIS 6/15)

IDF halts demolition of Palestinian house in East Jerusalem after clash btwn. troops, Palestinians injures 12. (QY 6/13 in FBIS 6/14; CSM, NYT 6/15; PR 6/18; MEI 6/23)

Settlers take over 13 abandoned buildings at Barquan, West Bank, begin laying water pipes and electrical lines. IDF calls action "possibly illegal" but does not halt it. (MM 6/13; NYT 6/15; WP 6/26)

In East Jerusalem, settlers open fire on home of Arafat adviser Faisal Husseini. (ITV 6/13, VOP 6/13, 6/14 in FBIS 6/14)

In Lebanon, fighting btwn. pro-, anti-Arafat groups at `Ayn al-Hilwa erupts anew. 7 Palestinians, 1 Lebanese are killed, 20 Palestinians are wounded in the heavy exchange of mortar, rocket, and machine-gun fire. Lebanese army deploys troops around `Ayn al-Hilwa, camps nr. Tyre. (MM 6/13; AFP, VOL 6/13 in FBIS 6/13; QPAR, VOL 6/13, RL 6/14 in FBIS 6/14; MEI 7/21)

In Washington, several dozen orthodox rabbis meet with Congressmen, deliver 30,000 signatures fr. constituents urging an end to U.S. aid to PLO. (WP 6/14; MM 6/26)