Wednesday, June 28, 1995

Syria rejects U.S. proposal (supported by Israel) to station U.S. troops on the Golan following Israeli withdrawal, demands UN forces supervise security arrangements. (MA, QY 6/28 in FBIS 6/28; ITV, SARR 6/28, HA, QY, SARR 6/29 in FBIS 6/29)

Despite opposition protests, extraordinary session of Jordanian parliament refers draft bill ending economic boycott and prohibitions on dealing with Israelis to the legal comm. for vote. (RJ 6/28, JT 6/29 in FBIS 6/30; MEI 7/21; JP 8/5) (see 6/8)

Israeli National and Economic Planning Authority says feasibility study on Red Sea-Dead Sea canal shows project to be economically unfeasible, inefficient way of desalinating water or easing Israeli, Jordanian water shortages. (MA 6/29 in FBIS 7/7)

In the Golan, 1000s of settlers protest mtg. btwn. Israeli, Syrian military experts. (QY 6/28 in FBIS 6/28)