Friday, March 3, 1995

Israel issues 3,500 permits for Palestinian workers to enter Israel, raising total number to 18,500. Permits will go to married men over 30, tourism workers over 25. (QY 3/3 in FBIS 3/3; WP 3/4)

House Appropriations Comm. cuts debt forgiveness to Jordan to $50 m. fr. $275 m. PM Rabin calls Pres. Clinton to criticize move. Clinton condemns decision as threat to peace process, calls on Senate to overturn it; phones King Hussein to reassure him. (CSM, WT 3/3; RJ 3/7 in FBIS 3/8;  CSM 3/8; JP 3/11; WT 3/12; WJW 3/16; MEI 3/17; WSJ 3/24; NYT 3/29; MEI 3/31) (see 2/22)

Senate confirms Martin Indyk as 1st Jewish U.S. amb. to Israel "with no controversy." (WT 3/6)

PA arrests Shaykh Salama al-Safadi fr. Gaza's Filastin Mosque, Shaykh Ahman Nimr fr. Khan Yunis mosque for giving anti-PA sermons. (HA 3/5; AFP 3/6 in FBIS 3/6; MBC in FBIS 3/7)