Sunday, March 12, 1995

Secy. of State Christopher is kept waiting 6 hrs, before mtg. with Saudi Arabia's King Fahd in Jidda; encourages support for Middle East Development Bank, easing of Arab boycott on Israel, funding of PA's daily operations, NPT. King gives no response. (MM, NYT, WP 3/13; WT 3/14; WT 3/21)

FM Peres, Crown Prince Hassan meet in Amman; discuss implementation of peace treaty, possibility of establishing free-trade zone in Elat-Taba-Aqaba region, water projects, regional security, creation of regional bank; announce plans to meet with German Chancellor Helmut Kohl in Bonn regarding dam project 3/15. (RJ 3/12, JT 3/13 in FBIS 3/13; MM 3/13; QY 3/13 in FBIS 3/14)

In 1st visit by British head of state to Israel in 9 yrs, PM Major arrives in Israel for 2-day visit; promises to build closer trade ties to Israel, increase aid to the PA. (IGPO, QY 3/12, IGPO, QY 3/13 in FBIS 3/13; MM, WT 3/13; MEI 3/17; JP 3/18)

PA rearrests Shaykh al-Safadi fr. Gaza's Filastin Mosque for giving anti-PA sermon. (QY 5/14 in FBIS 5/15) (see 3/3)

Senior Israeli military officials say 100s of plainclothes Palestinian police are operating in Jenin, Nablus, Ramallah in a semiofficial manner, with the IDF's knowledge, settling civil disputes, investigating crimes. PA Planning M Shaath denies report. (HA, RMC, VOP 3/13 in FBIS 3/14)

Palestinian police find 2 bombs planted along road scheduled to be travelled by Arafat. IDF detonates them. (AFP 3/12 in FBIS 3/14)