Tuesday, March 28, 1995

IDF reportedly has decided to evacuate its headquarters in Nablus, Jenin by 6/1; has drafted plan for eventual redeployment of stations now located in Bethlehem, Hebron, Ramallah, Tulkarm. Police M Shahal says that after redeployment the Israeli police presence in West Bank will double, police stations will be set up in each settlement. (ITV, QY 3/28 in FBIS 3/29; MM 3/29; JP 5/6)

King Hussein lobbies mbrs. of Congress, incl. Sen. Robert Dole, Rep. Gingrich, for full debt forgiveness, increased military aid; meets with Secy. of State Christopher, who says U.S. is committed to debt relief. (JTV 3/28, RJ 3/29 in FBIS 3/29; MM, NYT 3/29; WT 3/30; CSM 3/31; FT 4/4)

In Washington, U.S., Jordan sign extradition treaty. (JTV 3/28 in FBIS 3/29)

Russian FM Andrei Kozyrev arrives in Egypt, meets with FM Musa, Arab League Secy. Gen. `Abd al-Majid, discusses peace process, Libya, NPT. (MENA 3/28 in FBIS 3/29; MM 3/30)

Israel police admit that report of large bomb on truck stopped nr. Beersheba 3/21 was deliberately exaggerated, say they seized only three small homemade devices before destroying truck. (YA 3/29 in FBIS 3/30; JP 4/8)