Tuesday, May 2, 1995

In Damascus, Egyptian FM Musa meets with Syrian FM al-Shara`, transmits message fr. Pres. Mubarak to Pres. al-Asad on bilateral coordination, consultation on peace process, regional issues. (SARR 5/2 in  FBIS 5/2; RE 3/2 in FBIS 3/3)

In Gaza, Arafat meets with EU delegation, U.S. Consul Gen. Edward Abington to discuss outcomes of Paris donor's mtg. 4/27-28. (VOP 5/3 in FBIS 5/4)

PA invites Canada, EC, Egypt, Japan, Jordan, Norway, Russia to participate in 1,000-mbr. elections observer force. Arafat opens Palestine Central Elections Comm. headquarters in Gaza. (ITV 3/2 in FBIS 3/3; JP 5/13)

PA says direct phone line btwn. Arafat, Rabin has been set up so they can make rapid decision as problems arise, esp. concerning IDF, police, border issues. (YA 5/3 in FBIS 5/4)

U.S. Amb. to the UN Albright meets with Israeli PM Rabin, FM Peres, PA Local Government M Erakat, PA Information M `Abid Rabbu; discusses settlements, new U.S. trade ban on Iran, terrorism. Rabin gives support for U.S. dual containment policy; heads to Jordan for mtg. on peace process with Crown Prince Hassan. (WT 5/2; JP, QY 5/2 in FBIS 5/2; JTV, RJ, VOP 5/2 in FBIS 5/3; MM 5/3)

PA military court gives 1st death sentence to Palestinian police officer for killing 2d officer, gives him 14 days to appeal. (ITV 3/2 in FBIS 3/3; NYT 5/3; WT 5/15) (see 4/24)

Masked Israeli border policemen raid Makassed hospital in East Jerusalem in search of "Palestinian activists"; prevent ambulance workers fr. admitting patients. (WT 5/3)

Israel closes o.t. for 4 days, over Remembrance Day holiday. (QY 4/30 in FBIS 5/1)