Wednesday, May 17, 1995

3-days of elections talks close in Cairo. Sides agree PA will be in charge of maintaining security during elections, joint patrols will be used. PM Rabin says Palestinians fr. Jerusalem will not be allowed to run; Israel, not the PA, will carry out population census using 5,000 Palestinian teachers (see 4/28). A tripartite (EU, Israel, PA) comm. will be set up to discuss international monitors during elections. (AFP, IDF Radio, MENA, VOP 5/16, MENA 5/17 in FBIS 5/17; AFP, MENA, QY, VOP 5/17 in FBIS 5/18; PR 5/21)

2-day multilateral steering comm. mtgs on peace process open in Montreux, Switzerland. Syria, Lebanon boycott. Working groups on water, arms control, refugees, economic development, environment meet. (HA, QY 5/17 in FBIS 5/18)

For 1st time since 1990, U.S. vetoes UN resolution criticizing Israel. U.S. Amb. Madeline Albright calls veto "a matter of principle." Last-minute Russian proposal for UNSC presidential letter reproving Israel is rejected by U.S. as too strong, by PLO as too weak. Resolution would have invalidated Israel's 4/27 seizure of 134 acres of Arab-owed land in East Jerusalem. (MENA, VOP 5/17, MENA, QY, VOP 5/18 in FBIS 5/18; MM, NYT, WT 5/18; AFP, ITV, MENA, RE, RMC, VOP 5/18, MENA, VOP 5/19 in FBIS 5/19; MM, WT 5/19; MEI 6/9, 6/26) (see Doc. D7 in JPS 96)

PM Rabin says Israel would not object to having Syria deploy an early warning station on Israeli territory if Israel can maintain an equivalent system on Syrian soil. (MM 5/17)

60 of 80 mbrs. of the Jordanian parliament, incl. deputies who had approved the Jordan-Israel treaty, ask the government to freeze or cancel the treaty, recall Jordan's amb. to Israel, expel the Israeli amb. in protest over Israel's land confiscations. (MM 5/18; QY, RJ, SARR 5/18 in FBIS 5/18; SA 5/19 in FBIS 5/23; JP 5/27)

In Rabat, Arab League Secy. Gen. Ismat `Abd al-Majid talks with King Hassan on holding summit to discuss Israeli confiscations of Palestinian land in Jerusalem, leaves for Cairo to confer with Pres. Husni Mubarak. Mubarak, Syria's Pres. Hafiz al-Asad discuss plans by phone. (MKR, RE 5/18, RE 5/19 in FBIS 5/19; RMC 5/19, AFP, RMC 5/21 in FBIS 5/22)

PA police raid 5 Gaza mosques in search of "inflammatory material," tear pro-Hamas placards off walls; issue order banning "provocative actions in mosques." (QY 5/17 in FBIS 5/17)

MK `Abd al-Wahhab Darawshah, head of Israel's Arab Democratic Party (ADP), says Arafat has urged him to withdraw ADP's no confidence motion over the Jerusalem land confiscation. Arafat's office denies it, saying PA does not interfere in Israeli domestic affairs. (QY 5/17 in FBIS 5/17; QY 5/17 in FBIS 5/18) (see 5/15)

1 IDF soldier, 1 Hizballah mbr. are killed, 7 Hizballah mbrs, 3 IDF soldiers, 1 SLA mbr. are wounded in 2 clashes in s. Lebanon. (MM 5/17; CSM, MM 5/18; JP 5/27; MEI 6/9)