Wednesday, May 31, 1995

In Cairo, PA-Israeli talks on expanding self-rule close. Sides form permanent comms. to discuss labor, communications; agree on 95% of articles for communications accord but reach no final agmts. (MENA 5/30 in FBIS 5/31; MM 5/31; MENA 5/31 in FBIS 6/1; CSM 6/1; PR 6/4)

In Cairo, talks on elections and redeployment close. PA, Israel agree East Jerusalem Palestinians can vote, but Israel says voting stations must be outside of Jerusalem. Talks continue on size of elected council. (MM 5/31; QY 5/31 in FBIS 6/1)

At close of 2-day visit to Saudi Arabia to discuss Jerusalem land issue, Arafat says King Fahd has promised the PA $21 m. in aid. (MM 5/31; VOP 5/31 in FBIS 5/31; NYT 6/1; PR 6/4)

Israeli undercover unit kills 2 Palestinians (a "wanted" man and his companion) north of Jerusalem. (Birzeit Human Rights Record 3/95)

Shin Bet say it has detained 30 Hamas mbrs. in Bethlehem in recent days under suspicion of plotting anti-Israeli attacks. (ITV 5/31 in FBIS 6/1; NYT 6/6; JP 6/10)

Following PA protests against Hamas activity in Amman, Jordan ordered 2 Hamas leaders, Musa Abu Marzuq and `Imad al-`Alami, to leave the kingdom by 6/1; their families must leave by end of the scholastic yr. (ITV, RMC 5/31 in FBIS 6/1; MM 6/2; al-Ra`y 6/3 in FBIS 6/5)