Monday, November 13, 1995

IDF completes redeployment fr. Janin. 1,000 PA policemen take up posts. (CSM 11/13; QY, VOP 11/13 in FBIS 11/13; QY 11/13 in FBIS 11/14; NYT, WT 11/14; WT 11/15)

PA receives control over transportation, communications, meteorological spheres for Nablus, Tulkarm. (VOP 11/12 in FBIS 11/13)

Israel allows Fatah rejectionist Hani al-Hassan into Gaza. (QY 11/13 in FBIS 11/14)

In gesture to Hamas, PA releases 24 Hamas mbrs fr. PA prisons. (AFP, QY 11/13 in FBIS 11/14)

Over 1,000 Labor party mbrs vote to support the party's central comm. decision to make Peres party head, form government. (ITV, QY 11/13 in FBIS 11/14; NYT, WT 11/14)

Israeli police indict 24 Jewish settlers--incl. head of Hebron settlers Rabbi Moshe Levinger, head of Kach Baruch Marzel, spokesman for Eyal Itamar Ben-Gvir--on charges of disturbing the peace, assaulting police, attacking Palestinians over the last 2 yrs. (WP, WT 11/15)

Israeli Atty. Gen. Ben-Ya'ir meets with immigration officials to discuss banning entry, citizenship to some radical American Jews; notes that Jewish groups in the U.S. have raised over $100,000 for Yigal Amir's defense fund. (CSM, WT 11/14) (see 11/8)