Wednesday, October 4, 1995

Syrian FM Shara` meets with Egyptian FM Musa, Lebanese FM Buwayz, Saudi FM Prince Sa'ud al-Faysal on the sidelines of the UN mtgs. (RL, SARR 10/4 in FBIS 10/5)

On the sidelines of the UN mtgs., Arab FMs agree to support Libya's nomination for the rotating position UN Security Council. (MENA 10/5 in FBIS 10/6)

9 PLO Exec. Comm. mbrs (Mahmud Darwish, `Abdallah Hurani, Shafiq al-Hut, Muhammad Isma'il, Taysir Khalid, Iliya Khuri, `Abd al-Rahim Malluh, Sulayman al-Najjab, Faruq al-Qaddumi) release joint statement rejecting Oslo II accord. 2 others, Samir Ghawshah, Jamal al-Surani endorse the statement. Only 9 Exec. Comm. mbrs approved the agmt. (see 9/26) (SANA 10/4 in FBIS 10/5)

Visiting Palestinians detained in camp on Egypt's border, Libyan leader Col. Muammar Qaddafi calls on Arab leaders to "send home" all Palestinians in protest over the Oslo II agmt. Islamists, nationalist Palestinians jointly condemn the call. (NYT, WP, WT 10/5) (see 9/27)

Al-Watan publisher Imad al-Faluji signs PA pledge to respect the press and publication law, allowing publication of his pro-Hamas paper to resume. (Al-Nahar 10/5 in FBIS 10/6) (see 8/6)

In Gaza, Israeli policeman is wounded by shots fired at a joint Israeli-PA patrol. Group calling itself the Islamic Salvation Front takes responsibility. (ITV 10/4 in FBIS 10/5)

IDF extends closure on West Bank, Gaza to 10/8. (QY 10/4 in FBIS 10/5) (see 9/30)