Monday, October 9, 1995

In Gaza, Hamas, PA representatives discuss reconciliation agmt. (QY 10/11 in FBIS 10/11) (see 10/7)

At funeral of Abu Shaqra in Ramallah, IDF clashes with 2,000 mourners, arrests 5 Palestinians. (AFP 10/9 in FBIS 10/10) (see 10/7)

SLA allows delegation fr. the International Comm. of the Red Cross to visit al-Khiyam prison in s. Lebanon for 1st time since it was build in 1984. (VOL 10/8, AFP, RL 10/9 in FBIS 10/10)

In s. Lebanon, Hizballah attacks IDF convoy, killing 3 IDF troops. (RL 10/9 in FBIS 10/10)

Based on complaints of conflict of interest presented by the pro-Israeli activist group CAMERA (Comm. for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America), National Public Radio fires its Middle East correspondent Maureen Meehan because she is married to PA official Jiryis Atrash. CAMERA says it will now try to have Meehan removed from her second job as a stringer for Newsday. (WJW 10/12; JP 11/4)