Monday, October 23, 1995

At the opening of the Knesset's winter session, FM Peres submits a political statement outlining the Rabin government's position on the Oslo II agmt., the peace process. MKs approve it by vote of 50-40, with 1 abstention. (ITV 10/23 in FBIS 10/24; MM 10/24)

Arafat shows up at Lincoln Center concert. Mayor Giuliani has him ejected fr. the concert hall, saying "When we're having . . . a celebration, I would rather not have someone who was implicated in the murder of Americans." State Dept., frmr. New York City mayors Edward Koch, David Dinkins criticize Giuliani for not showing Arafat the proper respect. (MM 10/25; MM, WP 10/25; NYT, WP 10/26; MEI 11/3) (see 10/20)

2 ships carrying 610 Palestinians expelled fr. Libya, which had been stranded off the coast of Cyprus, are allowed to dock in Latakia, Syria. (WP 10/24; JP 10/28) (see 10/18)