Monday, September 4, 1995

PA Justice M Frayh Abu-Midyan is denied entry to Israel for talks on judicial affairs, misses scheduled mtg. with Israeli Justice M Liba'i. (MM 9/4, 9/6; QY 9/4 in FBIS 9/6; Hatzofe 9/8 in FBIS 9/8)

PM Rabin, FM Peres make surprise visit to Hebron to view conditions, examine security options for themselves. (MM 9/4; QY 9/4 in FBIS 9/5; CSM 9/5; WJW 9/7)

Israel's Jerusalem 3000 celebration, marking the anniversary of King David's capture of the city, begins. Of 70 ambs invited, 53--incl. U.S. Amb. Indyk and 15 EU ambs.--stay away fr. the opening ceremony. (WT 9/4; QY 9/4, 9/5 in FBIS 9/5; MM, NYT 9/5; ITV, QY 9/5, JP 9/6 in FBIS 9/6; CSM, WJW, WT 9/7; WT 9/10; JP 9/16) (see 8/15)

Israeli Dep. FM Eli Dayan travels to Cairo to discuss POW issue with Egyptian FM Musa, criticizes the Egyptian media for wrongly accusing Israeli Amb. to Egypt David Sultan of personally participating in the killing of POWs. (MENA, QY 9/4 in FBIS 9/5; MENA, QY 9/5 in FBIS 9/6; MM 9/7) (see 8/28)