Wednesday, September 6, 1995

In Gaza, Israeli, PA justice discuss Israeli plans to grant citizenship to collaborators, other justice issues; PA demands Israel look into claims that the IDF murdered 450 Palestinians in Khan Yunis btwn. 11/6-8/56, during the Sinai campaign. Israel denies event took place. (QY, VOP 9/6 in FBIS 9/7)

In Jerusalem, PLO Exec. Comm. mbr. and Arafat critic Mahmud Abbas meets with Israeli Economic M Beilin to discuss status of Jerusalem. (VOP 9/6 in FBIS 9/7)

1,000 mbrs of the Action Comm. for the Abolition of the Autonomy Plan, a group of IDF reservists, send petition to PM Rabin, saying they will not obey orders to remove West Bank settlers. (MM 9/7)

Continuing the naval blockade begun in 2/96, Israeli gunboats off the coast of Tyre fire on Lebanese fishermen. (RL 9/6 in FBIS 9/6) (see 5/10)