Sunday, September 17, 1995

The UN High Commission for Refugees decides to proved food, humanitarian aid to Palestinian deportees stranded on the Libyan-Egyptian border. (MENA 9/17 in FBIS 9/19; VOP 9/22 in FBIS 9/22) (see 9/13)

Lebanese Speaker Birri returns to Beirut fr. talks with Pres. Asad 9/16 in Damascus; says Lebanon will hold elections in November as required by the constitution, but the Chamber of Deputies has the right to amend the constitution with regard to electing a new president. (RL 9/16, VOL 9/17 in FBIS 9/18) (see 5/17)

In s. Lebanon, Amal detonates roadside bomb, injuring 2 IDF soldiers, narrowly missing Israeli Army Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Amnon Shahak. (AFP, RL 9/17 in FBIS 9/18)