Wednesday, September 27, 1995

Israeli cabinet approves Oslo II agmt., with Religious Affairs M Shimon Shetreet, Energy M Gonen Segev abstaining. (QY 9/27 in FBIS 8/28; MM, WP 9/28)

In Washington, 2-day Ad Hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC) donor mtg. to reassess the aid process in light of Oslo II begins. (JP 10/7)

At the Pentagon, King Hussein meets with top Jordanian, U.S. defense officials (include. U.S. Defense Secy. William Perry). In Amman, Cmdr. of the U.S. Central Command Lt. Gen. Binford Peay III meets with heads of Jordan's Joint Chiefs of Staff. (WT 9/28; RJ 9/27, 9/28 in FBIS 9/28)

Arafat appeals to Qaddafi to stop the expulsions, allow the deportees to return. 177 Palestinians expelled by Libya, stranded at border btwn. Libya, Egypt for weeks are allowed to enter Gaza. 7 more families remain stranded at the Rafah checkpoint. (MM 9/27; VOP 9/27 in FBIS 9/28; CSM, NYT, WT 9/28) (see 9/26)

Palestinian Information Bureau stages march through Hebron, prayer vigil at Cave of the Patriarchs/al-Ibrahimi Mosque in protest over the Oslo II provisions for Hebron. PA officials, West Bank notables, Israeli Arab leaders, school children participate. (QY 9/27 in FBIS 9/29)